Gone are the days when just flagship phones or movie tickets were on flash sale. Now its time for Vaccine flash booking.

After the pandemic hit, the scenario is similar, but its not just a phone or ticket, its a life saver “Vaccine”. It’s not easy to produce vaccines at a scale in country like India, which has more than 1.3 billion population. Hence Demand is much much higher than supply.

Source: Image from COWIN application by govt. of India

Recently the government of India announced that people between 18–45 years of age would also be vaccinated. So, a portal was created where people could register and book their…

Classes, staticmethod, classmethod, Custom Decorators

Photo by Macau Photo Agency on Unsplash: Decorating makes everything look beautiful, even your code...

Once upon a time.. no no, it's just a few days back, when one of my friends asked me to explain some python concepts. Some of them were Classes, decorators, classmethod, staticmethod.

I searched through the internet to send her some good links to understand these concepts, but none of the places I could find where these all were explained in a concise and easy manner. Nowhere I could see a simple way to explain these, to someone who isn’t very efficient in OOPS concepts.

So, I spent sometime to create a small application to explain mainly the whys of…

The first neural network you want to build using squaring of numbers. Yes it’s not XOR or MNIST

Every time you want to learn about NNs or data science or AI, you search through google, you go through Reddit, get some GitHub codes. There is MNIST dataset, GANs, convolution layers, everywhere. Everybody is talking about neural networks. You pick up your laptop, run the code, Voila! it works. But then scratching your head, you know this is maths but how did this work?

Suddenly you think: enough, I want to learn the basics. You go to google and search ‘basics…

Photo by Nicolas Picard on Unsplash

As a data scientist or data enthusiast, one is always hungry for lots and lots of DATA. I can imagine the heart-eyes when you see lots of data in a website and your desire to grab all the data, perform all sorts of techniques you have learnt, apply statistics, machine learning ; sometimes it might be for fun, for learning or for some business purpose, but you know that grabbing a large amount of data is the most time-consuming part in the life of a data scientist.

There comes web scraping to the rescue. Web scraping is simply performing the…

On the top of the world (of Docker):: Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels

Docker and Containers have been a buzz word from quite a sometime now. Docker being open source has become so popular that most of the times, container terminology is often replaced with Docker. But what exactly is the Docker and container and is it really worth spending your time on this?

Let’s find out in this post, in which I will be introducing you to Dockers and containers and will explain Dockerizing (this is how you define to containerize) a small application (Flask application created in my previous post).

What are VMs ?

VMs have been in the market for long and there has…

Photo by Chris Ried on Unsplash

The world has gone through a huge transition; from separating the piece of code as functions in procedural languages to the development of libraries; from RPC calls to Web Service specifications in Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) like SOAP and REST.

This has paved a way to Web APIs and microservices, in which the piece of code, providing a solution to a specific problem is exposed (privately or publicly) and the code can be accessed as a black box to the API consumers, who just need to know the so-called interface, which defines the input and output of that particular piece of…

Tushar Seth

Developer with keen interest in python and Machine learning. Love to learn new things and share knowledge through any "medium" :) and yes.. love for guitars

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